In May we stayed in Italy taking part of Firenze international show with following results:

My - 1  very good
Tom - BOS, CACIB and CAC (first of 6 needed)
Copi - Best Dog 2 with reserve CACIB that turns into CACIB 

Ella - Best Bitch 2 and reserve CACIB and CAC from working class
Lala - Very good 2
Mia - BOB veteran

Thank you to judge Axel Komorowski for excellent handling of young dogs - our My started to like the table thanks to you!
Congratulations to Margherita for the BOB in miniatures and for Copi's CACIB!

In first weekend of May we took part of double national shows in Jonava, Lithuania. As result, Lala aka Iiah's Mymla is proud LT J CH and her mother Mia LT Vet CH. Mia was also BOB veteran both days and Lala BOB junior. Our My aka Iiah's My Den Lilla was just "excellent on day one" and "very good" second of the days as she just did not feel like performing in the ring.

Thank you judges who appreciated our oldie and our younster so highly!

Sometimes crazy ideas are good. So when I heard of a chance to travel to Moldova in spring 2018, I just felt I had to. I took with me 4 dogs showing all of them. Results were more than great, so we came home with brand new champions:

Iiah's Mymla is proud junior champion
Iiah's My Den LIlla is proud junior champion
Iiah's Grevinna Marie Sophie Louise is proud champion
Iiah's Duke Dapple is proud champion, grand champion and supergrand champion.

Tom aka Duke Dappl also won 1x Group 1 and 2 x Group2, Lala  aka Mymla won 2 x Group 3 and Rutt aka Grevinna Marie Sophie Louise won 1x group 3.

Thank you Külli for organizing the trip, thank you to judges who appreciated our dogs so highly! Thank you ambulance team of Chichinau for bringing me back to life!

We participated in Tallinn Winner 2018 show with two breeds, judged by Vlodymyr Shiyan, Ukraine

Miniature boy Muumi aka Iiah's Mumintrol was prized "very good" this time.

Kaninchen girls  Lala (Iiah's Mymla) made debute in junior class being excellent 2 in class with CQ and also Best Bitch 2! Her co-star Ella got res-CACIB and was Best Bitch 4!


2-4.03.2018 our dear friend Kadi helped us out and took Tom to triple international shows in Lithuania - roller coaster it proved to be :)

   Day 1, judge Jurate Butkiene - champion class, excellent 2, Best Dog 2, reserve CACIB
   Day 2, judge Tuula Savolainen - champion class - very good
   Day 3, judge Elena Afagonova - champion class - excellent 1, Best Dog 1, CACIB and BOB


   Thank you all who appreciated our youngster! Thank you Kadi for travelling and showing him!


We had very laid back start of showing in 2018, first shows being only February 10 and 11 in Tallinn - first day IDS and second day Dachshund specialty. Tom was at the same time in Slovakkia with Tiia at double IDS shows.

Results of day 1: (IDS in Tallinn and in Nitra)

Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple - BOB with CACIB and CAC
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - BOB puppy
Lala - iiah's Mymla - BOB puppy
Vika - Iiah's Jadwiga - EX
Vera - Iiah's Gräfin Piccolo Vera - VG
Chewie - IV Amber Coast Cinnamon Bear - EX

Results of day 2: (IDS in Nitra and specialty in Tallinn)

Tom - res CACIB res CAC
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - BOB puppy, BIS puppy 5
Muumi - Iiah's Mumintroll - BOS puppy
Lala - iiah's Mymla - BOB puppy, BIS puppy 3
Vika - Iiah's Jadwiga - EX
Chewie - IV Amber Coast Cinnamon Bear - EX

Thank you Tiina for showing our dogs on Sunday in Tallinn as I could not do it myself due to family reasons. Thank you Tiia for taking Tom to a wonderful trip!

Thank you to all judges who have appreciated our dogs so highly!

30.12.2017 we made a short trip to Russia with our puppies and Liina to enjoy the last show of the year. All did great and we came home with 3 BOBs:

Liina - Iiah's Donna Piccolina - BOB and new RUS CH

My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - BOB baby (miniature)

Lala - Iiah's Mymla - BOB baby (kaninchen)

Thank you Külli for another memorable show trip by bus!

International Dog Show Roma 22/10/ 2017

IIAH'S PAN COPERNICUS n/l: CAC, CACIB, BOB. ROMA WINNER 2017. (Judge Mr. Claudio De Giuliani).
Special thank you to handle Federica Vicarini and congratulations to owner, Margherita!

Our little Mustu girl took Mari-Liis to two national shows in Sauliai on first weekend of October. Results are great - 2x BOB junior, Junior CAC and also BOB and group 3 on Sunday show! Now we can confirm her LT J CH title!

Super work, Mari-Liis! Thank you to all judges. 

In last weekend of September we participated in international show in Tallinn:

standard Olku aka Oliver Ace Oops Fantazija - BD4 (7 years old and first time shown as standard)

miniature Tom aka Iiah's Duke Dapple - BD2, RES CACIB

Vera aka Iiah's Gräfin Piccolo Vera - BOB Baby puppy
Liina aka Iiah's Donna Piccolina - CACIB, BOB
Ella aka Iiah's Miss Mariella - BB2 res CACIB
Rutt aka Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - BB3 (first time in intermediate class)

Pyrenean mountain dogs:

Stella aka Echo De Chien Estella - BOS
Conrad aka Echo De Chien Conrad - BOB.
And both together BIS 4 brace!

Kaninchen breeder group - BIS 4 breeder! 
Thank you all who helped us during the day, especially judges who appreciated our dogs so highly!

Second weekend in September we had dogs participating in shows in several countries - Estonia, Italy and San Marino. We are over the moon with the results from this weekend!

One weekend and Iiah's dogs competed in three countries:

Miniature longhaired dachshunds:

Tom aka Iiah's Duke Dapple was BOB and Group 3 on Saturday in Haapsalu national shows and BD2 on Sunday at same shows. Thank you Marion-Silvia Diener for taking him with you! Thank you Maarja Kalma for handling!

Copi - Iiah's Pan Copernicus was shown on Sunday at national show in Treviso, Italy - BOB and CAC. Congratulations owner-handler Margherita De Luca!

Kaninchen longhaired dachshunds:

Ella aka Iiah's Miss Mariella - shown at San Marino CAC and CACIB shows - both days BOB and Group 3 and new San Marino Champion!

Pyrenean Mountain dogs participated in show in Haapsalu and took BOB and Group 3 in Saturday!

Thank you to all judges who appreciated our dogs!! Congrats to all involved!

6 dogs, 12 titles - birthday well spent with excellent presents by my dogs at Belorus Winner International show:

Ella - Iiah's Miss Mariella, my very special dog, finished her CIB today and got also BY CH title.

Liina - Iiah's Donna Piccolina added BY CH and Belorus Winner 2017 to her titiles being also BOB

Rutt - IIah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise added BY JCH and Belorus junior winner 2017 to her titles being BOB junior

Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple, added BY CH and Belorus Winner 2017 to his titles being BOS. 

Stella - pyrenean mountain dog Echo De'Chien Estella - BOB, added BY CH, CIB and Belorus Winner 2017 titles to her account.

Mustu - havanese Zabadou's Kourtney Kardashian - BOB junior and Belorus Junior Winner 2017, her very first show in junior class!


Second day, just international show:

Ella - Iiah's Miss Mariella, BB2 and res. CACIB

Liina - Iiah's Donna Piccolina BB1 , CACIB and BOB

Rutt - IIah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise BB3 first time in intermediate class with CAC that enables her to become BY CH later!

Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple, BD2 with res. CACIB being presented by Marianne (first time ever for her to be in the real ring with dog). 

Stella - pyrenean mountain dog Echo De'Chien Estella - BOB with CACIB.

Mustu - havanese Zabadou's Kourtney Kardashian - just excellent!

And top of the cake - our breeders group BIS3 breeders!

Thank you all who helped out, thank you to all judges who appreciated our dogs (yes, young Marianne and Tom will be in ring more in future as she is excellent young handler in training though our judge did not like it)! Thank you all dear travel companions and special thanks goes to Külli - person whom you can trust in keeping the secrets!