1-2.08.2015 Ella and Liina visited two national shows in Ülenurme, Estonia.

First day Liina was BOB and group 4, Ella was Best Bitch 4.

Second day Liina repeated her results being BOB and group 4, Ella was Best Bitch 2 (thank you Maarja Kalma for showing her!).

Thank you judges, photographers and friends for memorable weekend!

On pictures, Liina at her group placings - thank you Siim Kinnas and Tiia Pihklik for photos!

We visited two national shows in Elva with Tomtom and Liina. Tomtom was BOB baby both days and on Sunday also BIS 4 baby. Liina was BOB both days and third in group on Saturday.

Thank you judges for appreciating our youngsters!

On the picture: Tomtom in the Best Baby competition.

27-28.06 we visited two national shows in Luige.

First day our Tommi (Iiah's Duke Dapple) had his show debute in baby puppy class. Result: BOB baby with excellent description. Liina was BOB and Klaara behind her Best Bitch 2 and BOB junior.

Second day Tommi repeated his result, Liina was resting and Klaara was BOB junior and BOB taking also home with her third Junior Certificate - so she now also is the owner of EST J CH title (subject to confirmation by our Kennel Club).

Thank you judges for appreciating our youngsters!

Liina added yet two more titles to her account and one more BOB and BOB junior under breeder judge Perttu Stahlberg. She now is proud Estonian Winner and Estonian Junior winner 2015 - thank you all who made it possible!

We visited Finland again and it was again Liina's (Iiah's Donna Piccolina) time to flourish :)

She was BOB junior, won the bitches and got certificate and BOB and took group 4 :)
Ella was just after her Best Bitch 2 with reserve CAC and Mia was Best Bitch 4.
Ups was this time just excellent 1 in working class.

Thank you all who made it happen! Thank you judge Anca Giura for your judgements in breed as well as in group!

May 9 was the date when we took first time part of Estonian Hunting Dog Association's dog show for hunting breeds. We entered two - Ella, who became best working dog of the breed and Liina, who became best of breed junior and best of breed. Thank you judge for liking our dogs so much!

May 10th we spent on hunting trainings, first the wild boar yard where our Blacky had first chance ever to meet wildlife in real and did not know what to think of the boar. After that we took our girls to the fox den where Ella and Ups showed that they have not forgotten how to work in the den and first time Mia showed real interest towards the fox.

Thank you all organizers of all three events - it was super weekend!

On the picture, Liina and Ella with the judge and their rosettes:

This year we celebrated the start of spring by two days in Finland.

On 1.5, Ella (Iiah's Miss Mariella) passed successfully Finnish hunting ability test for kaninchen and miniature dachshunds, PIKA.

On 2.5, we took part of the international show in Tampere with following results:
Mia - Best Bitch 2 with CACIB, so now we can confirm to her two new international titles - CIB and CIE.
Liina - Best Bitch with certificate and BOB and group 3! Now she needs to confirm her EST CH title first and then it is possible to become immediately also FIN CH!

Thank you judges for appreciating our girls, thank you Ilona for help with handling. Thank you Kadi for making me take this trip - without you, it would have never happened!
Picture: Liina at Group 3 placement:


Grey,  Osumare Fergus Oscar 7.8.2003 - 18.03.2015 (11 years, 7 months and 5 days).

It took time for me to make this post. One big era of time is closed and house feels empty. You were always there. We moved into this house because of you. And now you are gone. On the other side of the rainbow. Just peacefully sleeping your forever sleep. Till the day we meet again. Please do not ask me more to tell you now. It is too much to take, though I knew it was coming...

In March, Ella visited a show in Latvia. Yes, she did - as we stayed at home with other girls who were in season (not allowed to show in Latvia). Of course, she did not go all by her self - thank you Kadi for taking her and showing her with great results - Excellent, certificate quality, certificate, CACIB and BOB!

22.02.15 our Emma gave birth to 2 girls and 1 boy. Girls are red with black shade and the boy is red dappled. Happy father is Elmo (Aamuyön Adalwolf) from Finland. Girls are spoken for.

28.2.15 our Liina (Iiah's Donna Piccolina) took part of a national show in Tallinn. Result: BOB junior and BOB under judge Kim Vigso Nielsen. This way she also closed her J CH and is now bearing her first titles - EST & RUS J CH.

01.03.15 it was Klaara's turn (Iiah's Donna Prima). Result: BOB Junior and Best Bitch 2, getting her first JCAC, this time from judge Zlatina Davidovska.

Thank you all involved!

On 14.2.15 we participated at Tallinn International Dog Show Winter Cup 2015 with great results - thank you judge Matti Tuominen from Finland (kennel Kuura) for your opinions and gradings of our girls:

Iiah's Donna Piccolina  "Liina" - Excellent and placed first in junior class with CQ and JCAC and BOB junior, to continue to be Best Bitch and Best of Breed!
Iiah's Donna Prima "Klaara" - Excellent and placed second behind Liina in junior class.
Iiah's Miss Mariella "Ella" - excellent in open class and Best Bitch 2 behind Liina with CACIB (she does not need a certificate as she is already a champion)

First time we also showed our breeder's group with three girls participating in it - we were BOB  breeders group! Thank you judge for your kind word about the temperaments of our girls and where we should be aiming at with our breeding in future!

Thank you Riina Reinart for the help with handling!

Unfortunately, we did not stay for the groups as little wolfies were anxious to get out for a walk.