On first possible show in Estonia in 2017, our Rutt was shown first time in junior class in Estonia.

Day 1, judge Kalvo Kriisk:

Best of breed junior, Best female 1, Best of breed

Day 2, judge Galina Zhuk:

Best of breed junior, Best female 2

She also got JCAC both days, so needs just one more to become EST J CH. Thank you judges for appreciating her! Thank you Ilme for company!

On December 26, we visited again Pskov, Russia for national show of all breeds. We had great fun as this was by bus trip and Russian border had some interesting ideas of how to proceed with checking dogs - taking pictures of each of them and their chips... But now the results:

Iiah's Duke Dapple - BOB, CAC, Group 3 - and in future, can confirm RUS CH for him.

Iiah's Miss Mariella - BOB, CAC - and in future RUS CH

Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - BOB junior, J CAC - and in future, RUS J CH.

We thank Külli Martinson for organizing the trip, Maarja for crazy songs we had in our heads for whole trip, Pille, Vilve, Anneli, Aivar for jokes - would do it again with you any time!

Thank you judges and thank you Maarja for handling help!

Last day of the month is correct time for summary of October 2016.

In the beginning of month Tom and Marion visited shows in Hungary - Tom came home as Champion of Hungary which is his first adult title! Thank you Marion for agreeing to take him there and showing to such success!

In the middle of the month Mari-Liis took Mia with her to shows in Valmiera Latvia - Mia was 2x BOB and came home with Latvian and Baltic Champion titles. First day they also won BIS2 junior händler with Mari-Liis. Thank you Mari-Liis and Riina for taking her!

Same weekend little Vika visited show in Rakvere with Tiina and Janne being BOB puppy - congratulations!


Now we look forward to November..

23-24.09.16 we took time for a trip to Aland and Turku for show and hunting tests. The results are as follows:

23.9 - Viking Line International Dog Show in Aland, longhaired dachshunds judged by Tornbjorn Skaar:

Iiah's Miss Mariella - Best Bitch 2 with res-CACIB and CAC - new FIN CH!
Iiah's Donna Piccolina - Best Bitch 1 with CACIB, BOB - new CIB and CIE at first possible show!
Iiah's Duke Dapple - Best Dog 1 with CACIB, CAC and BOB - future FIN CH!

24.9 near Turku, PIKA test (test for miniature and kaninchen dachshunds to test their hunting abilities)

Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija - passed, new CIB and CIE!

Thank you Rita Kermet for your help and compay! Thank you judges for appreciating our dog so highly!

03.09.2016 we visited Luige national show with Rutt. In terrible rain, Rutt won BOB puppy and Puppy Best in Show 4th place!

Thank you judges, for appreciating our little one so highly!

As every year, we participated this year also in the two national shows in Haapsalu:

Saturday, judge Ken Chuan, longhaired kaninchens

Iiah's Pani Jadwiga - 1 place in puppy class

Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - 1. place in puppy class and BOB baby

Iiah's Donna Piccolina - BOB

Sunday, judge Sergey Galiaskarov, longhaired kaninchens

Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - 1 place in baby class, BOB baby and Baby BIS 4!

Iiah's Donna Piccolina - BOB, Group 3

judge Yoshimi Suzuki, irish wolfhounds

Mami's Beardie Tennessee Mount Lily - BOB puppy

Thank you judges for appreciating our dogs so highly! On the picture: Rutt, Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise

For 6 years this has been our holiday destination. Last year we had a break and I missed it - so this year, it was a must! So we did take part again of three CACIB shows in Druskininkai with following results:

Day 1:
Tom - CACIB and CAC - opened his CACIB score and in future with this CAC we can confirm his LT CH.
Ups - BOB veteran, VCAC - new LT Veteran CH.
Ella - ReservCACIB and CAC

Day 2

Tom - excellent and class winner, but without CAC
Ups - resting at home as the hot day of day before took toll on the old lady.
Ella - RESCACIB and CAC.

Day 3
Tom - excellent, class winner and BD3
Ups - BOB veteran with VCAC
Ella - RES CACIB and CAC - and now new LT CH.

Thanks all involved - we will be back ;)

As last year, we took part of double national shows in Elva using this as perfect possibility to accustom our puppies with show world - having a hotel directly at the show site makes it very convenient.


Tom 2x BOB and BOB junior, Group 2 on day 1.
Ups - 2x BOB veteran
Rutt - 2x BOB baby
Vika - 2x 2 place after Rutt, with prize of honour
Bolle - BOS baby, participating only on Sunday.

 Thank you Anne and Ilme for showing Tom! Photo by Helen Vaher Photography

In June we visited Latvian Winner 2016 show with Liina, Tom and Ups with following results:

Tom - LV JW2016, JCAC, BD3 and brand new Latvian Junior Champion

Ups - LVVetW2016, VCAC, BB3 and brand new Latvian Veteran Champion

Liina - res CACIB and BB2.


Thank you all involved!

This time the special weekend was on June 3-5, 2016.

It all started of with on Friday with the specialty of Irish Wolfhounds, judged by Irmgard de Haan-de Levie.
It was the first show for our Lily who was first in her class.
We also showed one boy, Rambo, from last litter - without any show experience, his prize was EVH- can not be judged as he could not understand, why the judge wants to go over him. But we got a lovely description so you might see more of him in the show ring in future.
His mother Käpik, completely untrimmed and overweight was a Good this time.
But - it is the spirit of the show we went there for and descriptions of dogs, so we are happy with the results.

On Saturday, it was Estonian Winner 2016, international show day. Only dachshunds participated this time.
Mõmmi was BOB baby at his debute show. We did not show him in the finals, as we thought it might be too much for the little dachs.
Tom was shown as a junior and took ESTJW16 title, was also BOS junior and Best Male and BOS of the whole breed.
Ups was 1st in veteran class with excellent. Liina saved the day by being Best Bitch 1 and BOS with CACIB and ESTW16. 
Both breeds were judged by Anett Edlander.

On Sunday, we had Baltic Dachshund Winner 2016, the specialty.
Tom repeated the day before by being Best Male, winning Baltic Dachshund Junior Winner 2016 title and being BOS.
Ups was BOB veteran and BOS, finished his Estonian Veteran Champion and added Baltic Dachshund Veteran Winner 2016 to his titles. And she took also BISS4 Veteran!
Little Mõmmi was out second time and repeated the BOB baby and won the BISS Baby competition under Jaroslav Svec. Breeds were judged by Malgorzata Supronowicz.

Thank you judges, thank you Anne Toompalu and Ilme Kukk for handling my dogs at the specialty on Sunday! 

5 years ago we visited this show and came back with Mia as junior champion and Ups as champion of Ukraine.

This time, it was Mia's daughter Liina together with Tom and granny Ups in veteran class visiting the same town.

We also had one guest with us - Conrad, the pyrenean mountain dog. Conrad is co-owned by us togehter with kennel Echo de'Chien.

Results speak for themselves:

Ups - BOB veteran, Veteran Best In Show 4
Tom - BOB junior, BOB and Group4
Liina - BOB with CACIB and Group 1!
Conrad - BOB with CACIB


Ups - BOB veteran, Veteran Best In Show 4
Tom - BOB junior, BOB and Group 2!
Liina - BOB with CACIB and Group 4
Conrad - BOB with CACIB and Group 4

We could not be more happy with results - all dogs who were with us became also Ukrainian champions, junior champion or veteran champion! Thank you all judges and especially thank you Jouni Niemela for your help and Külli Martinson for organizing the trip! 

Due to cancellation, son of Mia and Basim, Iiah's Pan Boleslaw is looking for new owners. Boleslaw will be a miniature dachshund that is perspective both for woods as well as for shows.

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.