In memoriam


Run free, my friend and sweetheart! You will always be with us, carried in our hearts... 

Confimed titles: EST & RUS J CH, EST & LV & LT & BALT & FIN & BY CH, ESTJW15, ESTW15, TLNW15, TLNJW15, BALTW15, TLNW16, TLNW17, BLRW17, CIB, CIE WUT J CH, WUT CH

Titles waiting for confirmation: UA CH, RUS CH

Show results: 4 X BOB baby, 5 x BOB puppy, 6 x BOB junior, 4x JCAC,  19 X CAC, 1x RES CAC, 15x CACIB, 4x RES-CACIB, 30 x BOB, 2x Group 3, 4 x Group 4, 1 x Group 2, 1 x Group 1

Working results: III grade in blood tracking in Estonia.

Shared places 46-50 in the Estonian Kennel Union's Dog of The Year competition of all breeds in 2015 and Dachshund of the Year competition placed 3rd.


2.5 years, photo by Helen Vaher Photography:

2 years and 3 months:

18 months, winning Group 4:

First show:

Grey,  Osumare Fergus Oscar 7.8.2003 - 18.03.2015 (11 years, 7 months and 5 days).

It took time for me to make this post. One big era of time is closed and house feels empty. You were always there. We moved into this house because of you. And now you are gone. On the other side of the rainbow. Just peacefully sleeping your forever sleep. Till the day we meet again. Please do not ask me more to tell you now. It is too much to take, though I knew it was coming...