Again once more Tallinn Winner show is over and we had great time there as usual. Liina added to her account one more CACIB and title TLNW16 being also BOB under judge Juha Putkonen. Tom added two titles - TLNJW16 and TLNW16 and was BOS this time under judge Kristiina Ahlberg. Thank you Ilme for showing judge, to Tiina for being ready to show Ups and to Kaire Meristo for the beautiful picture of our Liina:

With all the showing and busy spring time, I noticed that we have not shared with you yet our biggest news from this spring - birth of our two litters:

7.2.16 Mia gave birth to two boys and three girls, all red shaded in color. You can read more of them on their page here. Two of the boys are yet looking for their homes, girls are all spoken for already.

3.3.16 Ella gave birth to one black and tan girl that will stay with us. You can learn more about Rutt on her own page here.

On the picture, some of Mia's puppies at 9 weeks of age:

On March 18th, year after Grey left us, Lily came to live in Estonia. Lily is co-owned by us and Silver Salumets and will be shown by both of us.


19-20.3.16 we were with Tom and Liina at two international shows in Riga, Latvia.

First day Liina was excellent, Best Bitch 2 with reserve CACIB and CAC and Tom second in junior class.

Second day Liina was BOB with CACIB and CAC, so she finished her LV CH and collected her 4th CACIB and third country! Now we just have to wait to confirm her titles!

Thank you Linda and Hedi for company, thank you judges for excellent critiques!


As I was sitting at home with puppies, Janne and Tiina took Tom, Liina and Ups to Lithuania for double CACIB shows of which one was Lithuanian Winner 2016.

Tom was first day winner of the junior class and received Lithuanian JCAC, so we can confirm him now LT J CH title and he is proud LT Junior Winner 2016.
Liina was BB2 on day one with RES CACIB and BB1 with CACIB and BOS on second day, so we can now confirm her LT CH title.
Ups was just preparing for veteran class and was pure excellent both days.

Thank you Janne and Tiina for taking good care of our dogs and showing them so well! Thank you judges for appreciating our dogs!

First time ever we took part of the Estonian Dachshund Breed Association's Dachshund of the year competition with following results:

Dachshund of the Year 3. place - Iiah's Donna Piccolina

Puppy of the Year 1. place, Junior of the Year  7. place and Dachshund of the Year 17. place - Iiah's Duke Dapple 

Breeder of the year 3. place- Kennel Iiah's

Dachshund of the Year 14-15. place- Iiah's Miss Mariella

Dachshund of the Year 19. place - Iiah's Donna Prima

Thank you everyone who helped to get so far - friends, judges, handlers and dog owners!

This show has always been a success for us and it was no different this time:

Liina, Iiah's Donna Piccolina, was Best Bitch 2 with CACIB after lovely junior from Russia.

Tom, Iiah's Duke Dapple was BOB and BOB junior and placed 3rd on Junior BIS under Angel Garach Domeck from Spain. Both breeds were judged by Shamil Abrakimov from Russia.

Thank you, judges! Thank you dear Ilme for staying in the finals with Tom with such a great result!

First show of 2016 was very great for us - new show of FCI groups 4, 5 (subgroups 6 & 7)  & 10 with judge Marie Gadolin.

Tom, Iiah's Duke Dapple was BOB and BOB junior with JCAC - his third in a row which entitles us to confirm him title EST J CH.
Liina, Iiah's Donna Piccolina was BOB with CAC - at first possible show after her 2nd birthday, so after working test she will be EST CH.


Thank you all involved!

This year's last show for us was on 26.12.2015, when Marion and Tom competed in Pskov, Russia. Results are great: Tom was BOB junior and BOB together with the JCAC that enables us later to confirm him a title - RUS J CH (waits for him to complete EST JCH first).

Thank you all involved in 2015 - handlers, judges, companions. We could not have done it all without you! Now we are looking forward to magnificent 2016.

As last shows of 2015, we went to the biggest shows in Finland with 16000 dogs - Helsinki Winner show and Finnish Winner show. No titles to us this time, but we are happy with results Liina was 2 days in a row Best Bitch 3 with CAC, so she has now 5 Finnish CACs being just under 2 years old! Tom was just a Very Good boy on first day (the judge did not like his movement, his body - everything got critizised except his head and expression which were found to be lovely) and and excellent 4 with CQ out of 9 juniors on Sunday.

Thank you Rita for great company and arranging this trip for us and braking the curse of the Finnish Winner show!

Last show weekend in Estonia was debute for Tom in junior class in Estonia. And as typical for him, he charmed both judges, Harry Tast and Siret Lepasaar and got BOB and BOB junior from both of them! That also means he now has two junior certificates at the age of 9 months and 1 week. Way to go our big boy!

Thank you, judges for appreciating our youngster! Thank you Ilona for showing him and taking care of him between the shows, thank you Kadi from the help with transport - you girls rule!

21-22. November we visited Jyväskylä international shows in Finland with Liina, Ella and Tommi.

On day 1, Tommi was last time shown in puppy class and became BOB puppy under judge Tino Pehar with perfect description. 
Liina was Best Bitch 2 with reserve CACIB and reserve CAC, Ella was just excellent and worth certificate quality. Girls were judged by Guy Jeavons.

On day 3, Tom was first time shown in juniors, he was graded excellent, won the class and was placed as Best Dog 3 in tough competition judged by Jeff Horsewell. Liina was also placed Best Bitch 2 with reserve CACIB, but also took home  CAC from Finland (her third!).  Ella made a way up by being this time Best Bitch4. Girls were judged by Mariano di Chicco.

Thank you all, who helped us during these two days and to judges who appreciated our dogs so much!