May 11, Muumi represented us at hunting dog show in Särevere being BOB. Next day he passed successfully artificial blood tracking test! Congratulations, Svetlana and Muumi!

Sometimes you get crazy idea to visit some country and dog show there is an excellent excuse to go, isn't it? So this year's spring vacation was reserved for Montenegro and Macedonia. Macedonia deserves a story of its own.

Montenegro I will always remember by the black mountains and their "manjana" attitude. We heard several times over the three show days - why do you worry, you are in Balkans! And yes.. by the end of 3rd day we go used to no hurry and added two additional days in Montenegro to our trip to see different places in this wonderful country. I is worth visiting, highly recommend! You should take wih you big and empty stomache - all food we had was delicious, no matter where it was bought from!

And now the results:
Havanese, 3 international shows
Trudy - Zabadou's Fairytale Come True - 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x RES CACIB, 1x BOS and MNE CH and MNE GRAND CH
Lissu - Kiralyerdei-Barsony Melissa - 3x J CAC, 3x BOBJ, 1x BOS MNE JCH
Miniature long dachshunds, 
Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple - 4x CAC, 2x RES CACIB, MNE CH (3 international shows and specialty)
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - 2x CAC, 1x CACIB, 1x BOS - MNE CH (My was shown only on one CACIB show and specialty)
Kaninchen long dachshund
Lala - Iiah's Mymla - 4xCAC, 3x RES CACIB MNE CH.

Thank you to all judges, organizers, travel mates and competitors!

On the photo: Lissu, our 9 months old debutante with her first title rosette - MNE J CH.


This time Muumi was our sole representative at this international show as I was away juding in Czech respublic myself. Results speak themselves - EX1, CQ, CACIB and BOS - thank you judge Katrin Raie, congrats Svetlana ja Muumi!

We opened travelling in 2019 with a bus trip to Romania, to national and international shows of Cluj Naopca. As my last trip to Romania was more than 10 years ago, I took with me all dogs in suitable ages. We can be more than pleased with the results: twice BIS2 breeder in international shows, once BIS 3 veteran, Group 2 and Group 3 in internationa shows and also group 3 in national show. Thank you all who helped it to be possible, special thank yous to the emergency unit of Lääne-Harju and Merimetsa hospital who fixed my striking health just in time for the trip!

16.2.19 National show, judge Lokodi Csaba Zolt
Rutt - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - EX1 CAC BOB Group 3 - ROM CH

16.2.10 International show, judge Dagmar Klein
Lala - Iiah's Mymla - EX1 CAC, CACIB BOB Group 3!
Rutt - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - EX1 CAC RES CACIB 
Ella - Iiah's Miss Mariella - EX1 CAC - ROM CH
Mia - Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija - EX1 CAC TP Veteran, Vet BIS3 - ROM VET CH
Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple - EX 1 CAC, CACIB, BOB, Group 2! - ROM CH
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - EX 1 CAC CACIB, BOS
Kaninchen breeder group  - BIS 2 breeder!

17.2.19 National show, judge Pedro Delerue
Rutt - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - EX1 CAC BB2

17.2.10 International show, judge Andreas Savvas
Lala - Iiah's Mymla - VG
Rutt - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - EX1 CAC RES CACIB  - ROM GRAND CH
Ella - Iiah's Miss Mariella - EX1 CAC
Mia - Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija - EX1 CAC BOB veteran
Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple - EX 1 CAC, CACIB, BOS
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - EX 1 CAC res-CACIB
Kaninchen breeder group  - BIS 2 breeder!

Thank you to Külli for organizing the trip! Thank you all co-travellers for help and excellent company!

We participated in the Dachshund of the Year competition of Estonian Dachshund Club also this time, for 2018. Results speak for themselves:

Puppy of the year 5. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 6. place - Iiah's My Den Lilla, 7. place - Iiah's Mymla
Junior of the year 3. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 7. place - Iiah's Muminmamma, 8. place - Iiah's Muminpappa
Veteran of the year 4. place- Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija
Dog of the year 2. place - Iiah's Duke Dapple, 6. place - Iiah's Mymla, 11. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 13. place - Iiah's My Den Lilla, 15-16. place - Iiah's Miss Mariella, 23-24. place - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise, 27-28. place - Iiah's Muminpappa, 30. Iiah's Muminmamma, 31. Iiah's Pani Jadwiga
Best offspring group of the year 1. place - Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija
Breeder of the Year 1. place - kennel Iiah's!

Thank you and congratulations to all our puppy owners! Thank you all judges who have made these results possible - third year in a row Best Breeder!

On the photo: Iiah's Mumintroll with owner

This time we participated in Winter Cup with Lala, My and Muumi with following results:

Lala - Iiah's Mymla - BOS, CACIB
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - BB3, RES CACIB
Muumi - Iiah's Mumintroll - BD3

Thank you, judge Bo Skalin for appreciating our youngsters so highly!


And Muumi continues his triumph! First Sunday of February he took part of national show in Valga, being BOB in international competition under Andrej Kazmirski from Poland. Congrats, Svetlana and Muumi!

This show year was started by Muumitroll taking part of two national shows in Tartu. Day 1 BOB with Group 4 placement and second day BOS. Congratulations, Svetlana and Muumi!

Showyear 2018 is now over. As many years before, the last show for us was the small national show in Pskov, Russia. As always, it was a bus trip with excellent company and also nice results:

Mia - BIS 4 veteran ja Group 2 = New RUS VET CH
Lala - BOB junior after her = NEW RUS JUNIOR CH
Pappa - very good
Rutt - excellent

My - BOB junior, BOB = NEW RUS J CH 
Muumitroll - BOS junior, BOS = NEW RUS J CH
Iia - excellent.

So we come home with 4 new Russian champions of different age groups. Top of cake - first time out with breeder class in minis and BIS2 breeder. Thank you all who made it possible - Külli Martinson, Svetlana Roostar, Aivar Roostar, Maiu Kesküla, Maarja Kalma, Ülle Kapanen, judges and show organizers!

While we were away in Sweden, our Muumi - Iiah's Mumintroll participated in Christmas show for puppies and veterans, being judged by Malo Alcrudo, Spain. Results: BOB out of junior class - congratulations, Svetlana and Aivar!