Irish wolfhounds

Irish wolfhounds is a very interesting breed. They were rather popular in Ireland during the medieval times and each of the Irish counties knew how many wolfhounds they were supposed to have - to protect themselves against wolves. Since then and from before, there is lot of stories and legends about wolfhounds and their lives. The most famous one is a stories of Cu-Chulainn dogs. 

Irish wolfhound is a dog with many talents. They have been used as a war dog, whose task was to pull down the enemies riders. They have been hunting dogs, to bring the food to the table. They have been guards to let you know of coming stranger. All put together into quiet and extremely loyal dog who would be like a shadow of his master, following the master everywhere. And all of these skills they possess also today.

They are regarded as one of th biggest breeds of the world. The hight of the wither 80-90 cm, sometimes even more. So if you are dreaming of this dog, you must learn to think big. You need big car for transportation. You need big sofa (or get used to sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa). Forget the 2kg food packets - you can use these for snack ;). But despite their tasks in future and their size, they are extremely good tempered and kind family pets. That is, until there is possibility for a hunt - they are sighthounds and any moving object might trigger the hunting instinct in them.

Due to my health problems, I have decided not to breed more irish wolfhounds, but I gladly help you with finding the pup and with questions you have about the breed - you are welcome to contact!

You are interested in the breed?  Then take contact with us. More information about the breed you can find from the home pages of breed clubs - for example, from the home page of Estonian Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound Club.