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On December 26, we visited again Pskov, Russia for national show of all breeds. We had great fun as this was by bus trip and Russian border had some interesting ideas of how to proceed with checking dogs - taking pictures of each of them and their chips... But now the results:

Iiah's Duke Dapple - BOB, CAC, Group 3 - and in future, can confirm RUS CH for him.

Iiah's Miss Mariella - BOB, CAC - and in future RUS CH

Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise - BOB junior, J CAC - and in future, RUS J CH.

We thank K├╝lli Martinson for organizing the trip, Maarja for crazy songs we had in our heads for whole trip, Pille, Vilve, Anneli, Aivar for jokes - would do it again with you any time!

Thank you judges and thank you Maarja for handling help!