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We put together a team and took a weekend off in Latvia. Results were not bad either:

Havanese - Nööp BOB junior (=LV JCH) and Best Bitch 2, Tadah Best Bitch 3
Miniatures - My BOB and Group 4
Kaninchens - Floki BOB junior and BOB (=LVJCH), Berta BOS = LV CH, BOB Breeder

Havanese - Nööp BOB (=LV CH), Tadah Best Bitch 3
MIniatures - Muumi Best Dog 2, My Best Dog 2
Kaninchens - Floki BOB and BOB junior and group 4, Berta BOS, Vika Best Bitch 2  (=LV CH, BALT CH), Ella BOB veteran

Thank you all judges who appreciated our dogs so highly! Thank you Tiina, Svetlana, Maiu and Aivar for the company and all the help!