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What a weekend - first of all, thank you Tiina Roos for putting up with me these two days!
Results of the weekend:
Iiah's Gustavo aka Kusti - 2x BOB baby, 1x BIS3 baby
Zabadou's True Fairytale for Iiah's aka Nööp - 1x BOB, 1x BOS, 2x BOB junior
That's Suprising Simmo aka Tadah - CACIB#3

Miniature longhaired
Iiah's Dapple Cinderella - BOB Junior, BOS and New EstJCH! 

Kaninchen longhaired
Iiah's Mariella - 2x BOB veteran
Iiah's Mymla - 2x BOB with CACIB #14 and #15
Iiah's Pani Jadwiga - Res. CACIB=> CACIB
Iiah's breeder group - 2x BOB breeder

Thank you to all puppy owners, thank you to all judges and organizers!

Tired and happy, thanks all involved!