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I have not updated our web page for so long. After Possu crossed the rainbow bridge, I did not want to do anything with the dogs. Love of my life - Bess - gone. Her son Possu - gone. Everything seemed to be a big black hole and to get out from there seemed impossible. But.. I had mated Ups before Possu crossed over...

2.10.2012 Ups gave birth to 4 puppies after eating my nerves for 36 hours. One dappled girl, one dappled boy and two black and tan boys. All puppies very lively and active from the start. Ups is a perfect mother and puppies got all her attention. She made all other dogs leave the kitchen and did not allow them back before all puppies were three weeks old. First it was Grey who was allowed back, a bit later also Mia. Mia proved to be excellent older sister - she took over taking care of the puppies and playing with them, including teaching them everything we do not want our dogs to know like carrying my shoes around etc. I promise, I will update the pictures and webpages of dachshunds at some point. There is one black and tan boy available from this litter as a pet - he is not suitable for shows, nor for breeding. He is with very good character and perfect for hunt. Father of the puppies is Daks-Veg-As Early Morning Coffee, chocolate coloured gentleman from Moscow. Dappled puppies will start their show carreers in March, then you can see more of them. 

PS - it might seem that I have given up Irish Wolfhounds. No, we do have plans also for Käpik as well as for Mia. Stay tuned!