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Sometimes you get crazy idea to visit some country and dog show there is an excellent excuse to go, isn't it? So this year's spring vacation was reserved for Montenegro and Macedonia. Macedonia deserves a story of its own.

Montenegro I will always remember by the black mountains and their "manjana" attitude. We heard several times over the three show days - why do you worry, you are in Balkans! And yes.. by the end of 3rd day we go used to no hurry and added two additional days in Montenegro to our trip to see different places in this wonderful country. I is worth visiting, highly recommend! You should take wih you big and empty stomache - all food we had was delicious, no matter where it was bought from!

And now the results:
Havanese, 3 international shows
Trudy - Zabadou's Fairytale Come True - 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x RES CACIB, 1x BOS and MNE CH and MNE GRAND CH
Lissu - Kiralyerdei-Barsony Melissa - 3x J CAC, 3x BOBJ, 1x BOS MNE JCH
Miniature long dachshunds, 
Tom - Iiah's Duke Dapple - 4x CAC, 2x RES CACIB, MNE CH (3 international shows and specialty)
My - Iiah's My Den Lilla - 2x CAC, 1x CACIB, 1x BOS - MNE CH (My was shown only on one CACIB show and specialty)
Kaninchen long dachshund
Lala - Iiah's Mymla - 4xCAC, 3x RES CACIB MNE CH.

Thank you to all judges, organizers, travel mates and competitors!

On the photo: Lissu, our 9 months old debutante with her first title rosette - MNE J CH.