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We participated in the Dachshund of the Year competition of Estonian Dachshund Club also this time, for 2018. Results speak for themselves:

Puppy of the year 5. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 6. place - Iiah's My Den Lilla, 7. place - Iiah's Mymla
Junior of the year 3. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 7. place - Iiah's Muminmamma, 8. place - Iiah's Muminpappa
Veteran of the year 4. place- Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija
Dog of the year 2. place - Iiah's Duke Dapple, 6. place - Iiah's Mymla, 11. place - Iiah's Mumintroll, 13. place - Iiah's My Den Lilla, 15-16. place - Iiah's Miss Mariella, 23-24. place - Iiah's Grevinna Sophie Marie Louise, 27-28. place - Iiah's Muminpappa, 30. Iiah's Muminmamma, 31. Iiah's Pani Jadwiga
Best offspring group of the year 1. place - Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija
Breeder of the Year 1. place - kennel Iiah's!

Thank you and congratulations to all our puppy owners! Thank you all judges who have made these results possible - third year in a row Best Breeder!

On the photo: Iiah's Mumintroll with owner