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If it wasn't for a good friend Anne Toompalu, who told me about the main idea behind WUT champion titles and Kadi Ivask, who helped to put the paperwork together, I would not be telling you the following news of titles homologated to our dogs as follows:

Ella, Iiah's Miss Mariella - WUT champion
Tom, Iiah's Duke Dapple - WUT junior champion
Vika, Iiah's Pani Jadwiga - WUT junior champion
Liina, Iiah's Donna Piccolina - WUT junior champion and WUT champion
Mia, Oliviera Mia Oops Fantazija - WUT junior champion and WUT champion
Ups, Heidelind's Oops Got Out - WUT champion and WUT veteran champion

Thank you all judges who have appreciated our dogs and made these titles possible! Thank you Linda for trusting Ups to me - a dog that got it all started! Thank you co-owners for showing your dogs! Thank you handlers who have helped us through the years!