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For 6 years this has been our holiday destination. Last year we had a break and I missed it - so this year, it was a must! So we did take part again of three CACIB shows in Druskininkai with following results:

Day 1:
Tom - CACIB and CAC - opened his CACIB score and in future with this CAC we can confirm his LT CH.
Ups - BOB veteran, VCAC - new LT Veteran CH.
Ella - ReservCACIB and CAC

Day 2

Tom - excellent and class winner, but without CAC
Ups - resting at home as the hot day of day before took toll on the old lady.
Ella - RESCACIB and CAC.

Day 3
Tom - excellent, class winner and BD3
Ups - BOB veteran with VCAC
Ella - RES CACIB and CAC - and now new LT CH.

Thanks all involved - we will be back ;)