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Run free, my friend and sweetheart! You will always be with us, carried in our hearts... 

Confimed titles: EST & RUS J CH, EST & LV & LT & BALT & FIN & BY CH, ESTJW15, ESTW15, TLNW15, TLNJW15, BALTW15, TLNW16, TLNW17, BLRW17, CIB, CIE WUT J CH, WUT CH

Titles waiting for confirmation: UA CH, RUS CH

Show results: 4 X BOB baby, 5 x BOB puppy, 6 x BOB junior, 4x JCAC,  19 X CAC, 1x RES CAC, 15x CACIB, 4x RES-CACIB, 30 x BOB, 2x Group 3, 4 x Group 4, 1 x Group 2, 1 x Group 1

Working results: III grade in blood tracking in Estonia.

Shared places 46-50 in the Estonian Kennel Union's Dog of The Year competition of all breeds in 2015 and Dachshund of the Year competition placed 3rd.


2.5 years, photo by Helen Vaher Photography:

2 years and 3 months:

18 months, winning Group 4:

First show: