Born 22.11.2014

Sire: Nightwing Country Boy LT & LV & RUS J CH, LVJW11, EST & LV & LT & BALT & FIN & RUS CH

Dam: Milyi Zver Susanna EST V CH

7 male puppies

All puppies are tested for livershunt and all are healthy.


Iiah's Country O'Brian aka Keiser (black), lives Tallinnas

Iiah's Country O'Byrne  aka Mustu (black), lives in Finland

Iiah's Country O'Bradagh aka Venna (black), lives in Läänemaa

Iiah's Country O'Conall aka Rambo (brindle), lives Harjumaal

Iiah's Country O'Corradhin aka Bran (brindle), lives Tartus

Iiah's Country O'Cuilinn aka Ernie (brindle), lives Kadrinas

Sadly we lost one pup, the eight for the esophageal extension at the age of 4 weeks :(